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KRY -40℃~100℃


Low Temperature series


The temperature control and flow control system supports one drag and more, that is, one KRY device can control 2 to 6 different test benches or demand control temperature and flow control devices.

Supports two one-to-multiple modes:
Temperature/flow/pressure can be controlled independently (T series)
Consistent temperature in multiple groups, flow/pressure independent control (S series)

Test objects are connected to test adapters. Component cooling and heating tests were performed by means of an aqueous glycol solution.
The test unit needs to pass through a specific temperature change curve and record the temperature change. The temperature range is typically -40°C to 100°C (expandable to 150°C). When tolerance testing is done, it is usually done in an infinite loop.


1. Charge and discharge test

2. Liquid-cooled power battery

3. Vehicle-mounted OBC, vehicle-mounted Dc/Dc converter

4. Cycle life test

5. Motor controller

6. Vehicle Dc/Dc converter

7. Battery thermal management

8. Electronic pump

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